The Son of Ron
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I tear my quadricep all the time! I tore it this morning, I'm fine, I'm here, I'm jumpin' around.
Mountain Dew bread, Roger being tiger now, (mis)using the phrase "fuck-all", anthropology, baking done on premises, bananas, barefoot projection, being plumb tuckered out, being right here (point-point), being unable to prevent seasonal change, being your huckleberry, berries and cream, berries and cream, biking, biking some more, bitching about fruit cups, bowie, bridges, brownies, calling people "shecky", charity rides, chezzo street, chronological halfway points, complex highway interchanges, count on your phone, cursing on the radio, cutting through the park, david bowie, dhalsim & his bitches, diet fruit, donating blood, driving barefoot, driving to new york, dunn & marcos, eating ice cream on the boardwalk, egg & cheese sandwiches, electric fans, escaping west virginia, ferris wheel deltoid tattoos, five word interest list entries, friendly interest rivalries with taxi, geena davis, geography, gigantic man-made functionless structures, giraffes, going home early, going places, going to the map, heinlein, hiking, hitting the road, hot showers with music, introspection, jeff goldblum, joims!...oith joims!, jon is a smart-ass, jumping off the boardwalk, keeping the bike upright, languages, late night pre-cooking, leaving windows open overnight, less ben, letting my interest list define me, limit one per customer, lou reed, mad ape den, making kate cry, mick ronson, mitch hedberg, mondegreens, muppet puns in song, my life right now, naming the dog "indiana", new jersey, no limit pie sale, no-selling chairshots, non-hyperlinked interests, not wolves, old science-fiction, ostriches, pencil-vania, philadelphia, pissing off mikey whipwreck, pots & pans, punching butterflies, raisins and blood iron, refrigerated jelly, rock/austin singing "margaritaville", ronson, self-referentialism, shawshank redemption, sting-y worms, stuff being "movie", stuff i'm not interested in, sweet-ass $700 haircuts, taking a fucking picture, the blooming trees of spring, the downtown hawk, the jersey shore, the stray cats, the velvet underground, the wildhearts, the zombie sit-up, the devil beating his wife, thirty-three pound heads, thuggin', buggin', tiny hidden philadelphia alleyways, tom waits singing "auld lang syne", tomax and xamot, tornado footage, transient global amnesia, white noise during sleep, who's really reading this?, wishing into one hand, word and phrase origins, wrestling, yelling at mice